The tertiary sector is a large field of activities covering commerce, administration, international organisations, financial institutions, fiduciaries, real estate and legal services for businesses as well as for individuals.

Services for temporary and permanent placement

Our consultants have more than 20 years of recruiting experience in Geneva. Our knowledge of the local market is our core strength. We hire all types of profiles, from Trainees to Senior Executives.

Our job offers include positions for:

  • Executive assistants
  • Project managers
  • Accountants
  • Legal advisers
  • Receptionists
  • Senior executives
  • Secretaries
  • ...

Our candidates and our customers testimonials

The first time I had the opportunity to collaborate with FICOBA, it was as a candidate. FICOBA meets excellent standards in terms of relational and administrative follow up of their consultants. Every individual is treated with great respect and no matter the nature or length of the assignment, professionalism is always for granted. Later, when I had needs as a client and no longer as a candidate, it was self-evident for me to solicit Ficoba as soon as a position was to fill in the company where I was working. Despite an ever more competitive marketplace, the sharp experience of FICOBA’s consultants allows the company to benefit from a precious network. On top, FICOBA managed to keep a human approach of its candidates, which is a priceless asset nowadays. I highly recommend Ficoba to any client or candidate needing recruiting or placement services.