The motivation letter


Your contact details, those of your addressee and the date and place of dispatch should be mentioned at the beginning of your motivation letter.


Should capture your interlocutor’s interest. Do not talk about yourself here but talk about the facilities, the information you obtained related to the job you are applying for.

Take information on the institution before writing.

Precise if your application is spontaneous or if it replies to an offer.

The development

Here you should talk about yourself, give examples drawn from your experience, from your internships if you are a young graduate, and show what you can bring to the institution.

Substantiate your arguments by building on your knowledge and aptitudes.

Develop what motivates you to work for this specific structure.

Why this institution? What motivates you to apply specifically for this job? Do not send the same motivation letter to the different institutions you apply for.

If your application replies to a job advertisement, the goal is to meet the requirements of the job description. The development shall thus be divided in two parts:

  • Your motivations: show what interests you in the description, what you know of the institution, of patient management, and compare with your own experience.
  • Your assets: mention your key strengths, your know-how and qualities that may be of interest for the institution. Argue your professional and extra-professional experiences.

The proposal to meet

Propose a meeting at the end of the letter to emphasize your motivation for the job.

The greeting

Be simple and direct.

The signature

Must be handwritten.


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