Recruiting interviews

Before the interview:

  • Don’t ever be late, keep a 15 minutes’ margin. Should you nevertheless have a problem, call to inform of your late arrival.
  • Visit the company’s website in order to get acquainted with its environment.
  • Examine the job description thoroughly so that you can discuss the unknown or unclear factors. Prepare the questions you want to ask during the interview.
  • Don’t forget to switch off your mobile before starting the interview.

The interview:

  • Show a real interest in the company you are applying for. Keep your focus on the present and offered positions, as we will have discussed them prior to your interview. Don’t apply for other positions or evolution opportunities at medium to long term.
  • Don’t be negative when you talk about your previous employers, don’t enlarge on the reasons why you left your previous jobs.
  • Smile and be motivated, point out your team spirit, your willingness to learn and don’t forget to show that you are the ideal candidate!
  • Talk about your professional success and don’t forget to draw parallels with the requirements of the offered position. Show your enthusiasm and availability without ambiguity.
  • Answer the questions and don’t get lost in useless speeches, don’t talk about the remuneration unless the interviewer addresses the topic.
  • Don’t forget to thank for the availability and the time you were allowed.


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